About Us

GPB Supplies are the premier UK based hair cosmetic supplier and distributor. Located in Birmingham, we are centrally located and accessible to the rest of the country. As the UK increases its diversity in culture and technology, the demand for a wider range of innovative products has never been greater. As demand continually increases, at GPB Supplies, we strive to be versatile and have a proven ability to adapt the market place and offer haircare products to suit an individuals needs. We have an extensive range of products and stay in constant liaison with manufacturers, to ensure that each product is described accurately and is in-line with customer expectations. As a lot of care is taken during product selection, it is pivotal we understand and promote only the best products and Avlon’s sizable range of products, have kept expectations high and results even higher.

GBP Supplies creates and establishes stable and continuous relationships with leading haircare brands all over the world such as Avlon, nuNAAT, Motions, Lustre Silk and many more. Not only does Avlon provide great hair care products through events such as the Avlon Live Academy which is hosted and organised annually by GPB Supplies; they provide education on hair maintenance and product efficiency to major hair salons across the UK. Celebrity and Avlon stylists such as Desmond Murray also contribute to Avlon’s huge success as they constantly strive for the best products on the market. GBP Supplies also organises promotional events for other leading hair brands and continues to support and build networks with brands and businesses who are leading the way in the haircare industry.